Friday, July 3, 2009


We arrived at the hotel in Rome in the evening of June 13th and headed to Babbos, the recommendation of the hotel receptionist. A delightful street cafe. Did I really order this!

The first morning we walked to the Colosseum area. We were confronted by an enormous line for tickets but on the recommendation of a couple at dinner the previous evening we headed to the Palatine to buy tickets. We cooled off at lunch time with a couple of beers!

Refreshed, we went into the colosseum. It was searing hot. everyone was trying to get into the little bit of shade afforded by the upper walls. They have reconstructed a small section of wooden flooring to give some idea of how it might have looked.
The next day we took the train to the port of Civitavecchia and boarded our ship Celebrity Solstice for the 11 day trip into the Eastern Mediterranean.

Once again we had a great group our assigned dinner table. It seems that the thing to do after your child or grandchild graduates from high school is to take them on a European cruise. Gene and Maggie with their grandson Nick already have great grandchildren! Gene was quite a joker and kept the table in stitches. John, a pilot with NW, his wife Susan were taking their daughter daughter, Kate, on a similar pre college cruise. Unfortunately our other dinner companions, from Mexico, were not at the table on this the first formal night.

Sea days were few and far between. Our first stop was Santorini. The island suffered the world's greatest volcanic eruption some 3,600 years ago leaving a water filled caldera. To reach the village, perched on the cliff top, from the ship the choice was either cable car, donkey or walk up the pathway with the donkeys. It was high noon so we chose the easy route. Later we discovered what a smart decision that had been. far below the cable car you can see the winding pathway which the donkeys take.

There is no doubt as to the beauty of this island. Immaculately kept, whitewashed houses are packed along the top of the cliff. Sunglasses are a must!

This old boat was on the roof of one of the buildings. Another cruise ship far below.

It doesn't take much to get a sun tan in Greece. From now on I would be wearing my 30 block shirt. We decided to take the donkey route back only not on the back of a donkey but on foot. It may have been the biggest mistake of the whole holiday as competing with donkeys coming up the hill was a nightmare. Not to mention the footing. Slippery stones and you know what. What must it be like when it rains. It was also hot and stinky. At least we were wearing the right footwear, unlike some who were wearing flip flops.

The next day, I really had learned my lesson and was wearing my sun block shirt when we hiked up to one of the famed windmills of Mykanos.

We even caught a wedding party walking through the village. We were somewhat amused that the bride was expecting any day and that they already had 2 little ones. Ah! The modern world has even reached these little islands........along with 50 million tourists! Not one of our favorite stops.

So, back to the ship for lunch in the outdoor Oceana cafe. We loved this spot for breakfast and lunch.

I doubt there is a more splendid city into which to sail than Istanbul. It was magical sailing past the Topkapi' Blue Mosque and Saint Sophia. We docked at lunch time and were to stay in port overnight giving us two days to go ashore. We took the cruise tour in the afternoon visiting the Topkapi , and the Blue Mosque.

Interior of the Blue Mosque

Now this was quite unexpected and very welcome. Celebrity and Tura Turizm provided us with "luxury toilets" on the site of the Topkapi Museum. Talk about being spoilt.

Here we are sitting patiently with our glasses of hot apple tea ( apple juice) listening to the inevitable carpet store presentation. It was really quite interesting, however, this was one trip when we were NOT going to buy a carpet!

On to the Grand Bazaar. Interesting but the prices were high and we were simply not tempted. Not even by the Turkish Delight. If you grow up in England and have "Fry's Turkish Delight" I don't think you are ever going to go for the real thing.

Weary from the day's visit it was time to relax with a beer on the balcony. This is the first time we have had a balcony and frankly we used it very little. It was either too hot out there or too cold.

Istanbul at night.

Next day a trip to the spice market. This trip was really more to our liking. A feast of sights and smells. I bought a small pepper grinder which does a great job.

We never did find out why this lady was selling bird seed to feed the pigeons. Most cities are trying to get rid of theirs. In London I think it is now forbidden to feed the birds in Trafalgar Square.

In this same area outside the spice market they were selling seeds.
And so we bid farewell to the magical city and on through the Dardanelles to Ephesus.

One of the highlights of this tour was to be the visit to the ruins at Ephesus.

Equally impressive, the Temple of Apollo at Didyma.

Back on the ship I just had to throw in a photo of the bathrooms on the ship.

and me getting a chocolate fix.

On to Athens and the Acropolis.

The new Acropolis Museum. Time to give back the Elgin marbles!

From Athens we made our way back to Italy to the port of Naples. We took the train out to Pompei arriving before the crowds.

We were amazed by the vastness of this town, buried in 60' of ash and molten lava when Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. It lay buried for 1700 years.

They were very thoughful to pedestrians providing stepping stones across the streets with just enough room for the chariot wheels to pass through.

Some of the artifacts housed along side the forum. A plaster cast of a man who didn't make it out of the town.

The famous cast of the dog believed to have been chained up outside a house.

Decor in the Roman baths.

One of many shops in the street that sold food. There are just too many photos to share. You must go to see these most wonderful remains of the ancient world.


  1. How POSH!
    (Port Out, Starboard Home,
    for the uninitiated)

    What fun. Beautiful blue seas. And you're as brown as a berry. You must tan easily.(with the legs of a twenty-year old :-)

    Love the boat picture.

    Hope your new blog background stays white for a bit, so I can visit again.

    Those weeks must have flown by, packing so much into them.

  2. Wow! How did you find that. I haven't even finished posting. Just did the pictures and was making a start. Thought- No one will ever find this! Wrong. Just came back to add a little more and add some of D's photos. Come back again and check out for new stuff. Oh and I know the POSH thing. We thought we were being so smart Hardly were in the room and guess what Port side never meant port side. The cap. explained that with twin props. they can now go in on the starboard side. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I followed you over. I just wanted to take a few moments to say.... Don't stop blogging. Your blog is wonderful. I enjoyed seeing the places I won't ever get to visit. Wonderful Photos. jo

    [A rootdigger of sunnyside]

  4. How neat! I just realized you had another blog. I'm going to come back here and reread your posts when I get a chance. I've contemplated going to Italy, and I've even checked the flights, but I gotta get the Middle East out of my system first. Do you have any other travel plans? Say, Egypt, and Petra?? ;-)

  5. WOw, the area is so beautiful and your Pompeii trip brought back so many memories. That last pic looked almost like the outdoor urinals, as they used to collect it from the public to wash clothes. My daughter and I were just studying Istanbul Turkey for her studies. Gorgeous area!

    Okay, you kept mentioning the heat. After dealing with our VERY HOT summer here in Austin, surely it wasn't hotter on your cruise???

  6. I was just contemplating getting round to another post when I saw I had received some comments. Thanks for dropping by root digger and Texas mom. I would love to go to Egypt and Petra. We have friends who are also interested and they are looking into the trip. This is the greatest cruise to take in the ancient glories. You can see it all and go back to the comfort of your cabin at night. I don't see how else you could visit so many places in one trip. It was hot in Greece but mainly because the sun is so intense. It isn't the air temperature. An umbrella and good sun clothing would be fine.